The Langcliffe Bees.

Dave and Tina in the Beekeeper's suits.

An Update from Dave. Tel 07517127788
Dear Fellow Beeks

Following the recent good weather I thought it would be a good time to give you an update on what’s happening with our bees. Tina and I have been inspecting the hive every 10 days or so and recording our findings.  We last did so Monday 21st May and the following points noted:

1. There were worker bees on all 11 frames on  both sides, working away.
2. Uncapped larvae was found on the inner frames which confirms the queen is laying.
3. The queen was present (phew, always a concern for me!).
4. No queen cells were found, suggesting no sign of swarming as yet.
5. No signs of varroa mites
6. Some worker bees had pollen on their hind legs/ pollen baskets
7. There was plenty of honey stored, we actually had a taste of some when we removed bracing comb from the crown board!

We decided at this point that everything was working as it should and as things started to look a bit congested we fitted a super complete with 10 foundation frames and separated it from the brood box with the queen excluder. Immediately the worker bees started to occupy the frames.

Further, as the forecast is to remain good for the next couple of weeks or so I have ordered a further 10 super frames complete with foundation as I think the bees will soon fill the new frames mentioned above. Please note that some beeks up and down the country are actually starting to harvest honey due to all this good weather. We need to discuss what to do should they continue producing honey  at the current rate.

One thing I do need to mention, I took out bottom board to clean it and I found a wax moth larvae which gave us cause for concern but on reading up it seems they do exist even in the healthiest of hives. We shall keep an eye on this. I ate the larvae by the way as it looked rather juicy.

Moving on to the topbar hive, this has now been primed and ready for a swarm should we be so lucky but on that note John Vendy got in touch to say that someone had contacted him stating that there were two swarms in Bentham ( John was in Richmond at the time). When John eventually arrived the bees had moved on. A couple of nights later John got a call from a neighbour where he keeps a bait hive, to say that bees were entering it. John in turn phoned us to standby as he said he would bring the swarm up to us. Unfortunately this turned out to be another false alarm but there is hope as he thinks they were scout bees. John is now on holiday for a week but on his return he will update us if anything has developed.  We have also invited him to inspect our hive which would be reassuring and also give us chance to glean more knowledge from him. We’ve told him there will be tea and cake at the ready!

With regards publicity a big thanks goes to Helen Jarvis for contacting the Craven Herald and getting an article on our exploits and also for creating a page on the Langcliffe website.

So there you have it folks if there is anything you wish to ask please go ahead or indeed if you wish to don a bee suit for the next inspection please feel free to do so. We will be doing our next inspection and hopefully fitting another super early next week.

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